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Content Marketing vs Copywriting

The title of this post may not be the best to describe the actual relationship between content marketing and copywriting, but luckily, I found an exceptional piece on the main differences and interactions between the two. Knowing this is essential for every and any content marketer and copywriter out there. Image Source

The A-Z Essentials of Copywriting

Whatever your incentive, whatever the purpose, whatever combination of time, space and tools, copywriting¬†can be done well. Here’s a complete A-Z list of guidelines for copywriters, offered – by whom else other than – the dedicated content marketing professionals at Copyblogger. Action Brevity Content Drafts Email Free Grammar Headlines Interest Jobs Keywords Links Money Notebook […]

Top 6 Rules for Content Marketing

Online Marketing Institute delineates the 6 most important rules for epic content creation and winning content marketing: Basically, epic content: fills a need communicates consistently requires one to find one’s unique and human voice expresses a point of view is devoid of “sales speak“ is considered to be the best in its class Check out […]

7 Ways Google Trends Contributes to Content Creation

Go ahead, give it a try! Google Trends is more than useful for any content creator and paid online marketing executives. Here are 7 (of the) ways in which using Google Trends help with content creation: keyword research website keyword checkup content idea discovery content calendar creation facilitation video content production ideas brand messaging and […]