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A few things you should know before deciding to submit an article:

  • This blog has been created and is being managed and updated exclusively by its owner (that’s me).
  • Guest posts are more than welcome and they belong entirely to their authors (that may be you).
  • By submitting an article for review and publication, you allow Marketing Grammar to use and promote the piece of writing or excerpts of it (including on third party websites, such as social media platforms), with or without credentials given to you (mention of your name/ website/ blog).
  • I am only accepting articles on the topics mentioned in the main menu and the other sections of this website (umbrella-concept: online marketing, more specific topics: content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, SEO, SEM, paid advertising, search advertising, display advertising, social media pages, social media advertising).
  • Please note that it is possible that not all submitted articles will be published on the blog.
  • The content published on this website (primarily the articles) is made available free of charge to any Internet user who might be interested in the information provided. Consequently, I cannot – under any circumstances – offer any remuneration for any of the written pieces that are submitted. Nor can anyone who decides to submit an article ask for money in return of their contribution.
  • I like it when I’m offered high-quality content and aim at providing the same to my readers. Therefore, I reserve the right to review and proofread any and all articles submitted, and – if need be – kindly ask contributors to make minor changes in terms of grammar or punctuation. I guarantee that no changes will be made to an author’s perspective/ the ideas expressed in their entries. It is simply a matter of form and how materials are presented to readers.

Now, should you still wish to submit an article, please feel free to do so. My email address is

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