9 Things You Need to Know about Google Plus Pages

By | September 14, 2013

1. Information published on Google Plus business pages is public by default.

2. Cover images are what might be called “oversized graphics”, but you can definitely find ways to use all that available space to your advantage.

3. Linking your website to your Google Plus page is not only recommended, but also quite necessary for verification purposes.

4. Pages can add users in their circles, but the latter only get notifications if they hit the Follow button.

5. If a user decides to unfollow a page, the reverse also happens.

6. Hashtags help you build or adhere to communities that share similar interests or ideas.

7. Organizing and running Google+ hangouts can prove beneficial in your branding efforts, allowing direct communication between your organization and your target-audience/ existing clients.

8. The +1 button can allegedly do wonders in terms of search results for loged-in users.

9. Building audience for Google + pages can be easily done through Google Express or Google AdWords paid campaigns.

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