11 Content Marketing Lessons from Top Blogs

By | October 29, 2013

Coming directly from KISSmetrics’ Neil Patel, here are some of the most important lessons we can all learn from blogs that became successful (a.k.a. visited and read):

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Timing is important. Mainstream news are searched for – why aren’t you writing about them?

However intriguing, this time try to choose quantity over quality. The ideal situation would be to combine both, but with primary focus on quantity. Odds are some of your content will begin to bring visitors.

Social networking affects your blog’s popularity, so be social.

Hire people. And not just any people, but talented people. Achieve content success with(in) a team.

Stick to the facts. Data about the impact of your writers’ work is your friend, even though you might think instinct may be the best way to go sometimes.

Eye-grabbing headlines. Your message can be top-notch, but without the perfect headline, it’s almost useless.

Grow with the help of others. Once you’ve reached a certain level in terms of audience, it’s OK to borrow ideas from others in the industry.

Comment on other blogs. Starting a blog is hard work as it is, give it a chance to become known by sharing your opinions with other writers.

Once you’re big enough, consider acquiring other blogs.

Quality translates in user loyalty. Provide it for your readers.

Grow aggressively. Test different type of display or pop-up ads on your site. It will only chase away an insignificant number of visitors, but will not bother those interested in high-quality content.

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